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Our new album "Time to change" now available on CD!











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On 30.01.2021 our debut album
"Time to change" on CD!

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The album shows itself right from the first track 'Butterfly'
complex and multi-layered in changes between powerful guitar sounds and fine synthie sounds.
Already here the strength to address the feeling directly and deeply is revealed.



The Project

Impressive guitar sounds and inspiring songs

The Heinz Strobel Project is a band that uniquely combines classical guitar styles and influences of classical music with rock music and jazzy elements. The two classically trained guitarists Heinz Strobel and Bernd Maier sing songs and play instrumental pieces that touch the soul.
They are accompanied by drummer Andreas Kubitzki, who skilfully enriches the rock drums with orchestral timbres. The music of the Heinz Strobel Project inspires, creates tension and leads the listener on a musical journey.
Moods, images and feelings, landscapes, dreams and fantasies are created.

As founding members of the Frankfurt Barrios Guitar Quartet, Maier and Strobel began their musical careers at the end of the 90s. Numerous concerts with the quartet and as a guitar duo, prizes at competitions, cultural awards and CD productions followed, including the two albums Integration and Roaming, with works by Heinz Strobel for guitar solo and guitar duo.

In June 2020, the current album Time to change was released on the well-known streaming and download platforms on the internet, followed by its release on CD at the end of January 2021.

On 11 June 2021, the new single Persistence was released online.